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Alarm annunciator COMPALARM AP 12


COMPALARM AP 12 inputs, customizable alarm boxes 30×30 mm, 2 relay outputs, remote buttons, acoustic signal

Prewired execution with 12 or more alarm inputs with the possibility to choice pre-selectable sequence

The COMPALARM AP is a point alarm system, with as many normally closed input contacts. It gives the possibility of selecting the alarm sequence according with 30 x 30 mm cells, fitted with ultra bright white LED’s, achieving a low power consumption and a lamp maintenance free operation.

The interconnecting possibility allows to design other supervision alarm systems with many extensions.

The alarm systems type COMPALARM AP has been conceived with its very reduced dimensions.

This system has been studied for the most critical uses, i.e. electrical plants in which a malfunctioning of a single component should only harm the function of one channel at most. Each channel is protected by optoisolators, which keep free of any external disturbances.

Every channel is fitted with a micro-switch allowing the selection of anormally open (N.O.) or a normally closed (N.C.) contact.

The COMPALARM AP allows also the selection of two types of sequences by means of a micro-switch, either ISA1 (ISA A) or ISA2C (ISA M) and for both sequences the first-out function (F1A and F1M), channel per channel.

• 12 contact inputs
• 4 push button inputs (test, horn off, ack, reset)
• Optoisolated inputs
• Normally open / closed input contacts
• Horn output
• Alarm comulative output
• Flush panel mounting
• 1 wire expansion line
• Low power consumption
• No lamp maintenance required
• Auto-reset power supply fuse
• Alarm sequences: ISA A – ISA M – ISA F1A – ISA F1M