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Alarm annunciator MICROISA 12P


MICRO ISA 12P – 12 alarm management system

The MICROISA 12P series is a compact, reliable and panel-integrated alarm management device.

The device is equipped with a supervision system that controls up to 12 opto-isolated inputs (they can operate with NO or NC contacts) and manages two relay outputs, one for acoustic alarm and one for the load.
The intervention of even a single alarm causes the switching of the output relays and the switching on of the relative visual LED signal located on the front of the instrument.
The types of desired alarm sequence (ISA-A/M/R8/F1, etc.) can be selected thanks to a dip-switch positioned on the back of the instrument.
It is possible to combine a relay card to manage the remote repetition of each alarm point.

It is possible to interconnect multiple MICROISA 12P.

alarm sequences settable according to ISA S18.1
alarm display with LED
12 alarm inputs (NO and/or NC)
1 relay for acoustic signaling (HORN)
1 cumulative repetition relay (LOAD)