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Alarm annunciator RECA/E4


RECA/E4 – 4 alarm management relay

The RECA/E (Evolution) series electronic relays combine the historic and fundamental function of tag relays, i.e. that of maintaining the tripping information even in the event of a voltage drop, with a new design, great performance and versatility. Large and bright display, possibility of selecting different languages, internal self-diagnostics, excellent reliability and guaranteed quality Dossena, leader on the market since 1962.


large and bright dot matrix display
ease of use, thanks to the display that changes color in relation to the operating status of the instrument
versions with multi-voltage power supply in VAC or VDC
internal self-diagnostics with display
priority of the intensity level of the alarms in relation to your needs
4 output relays (3 relays for intervention priority + 1 siren cumulative relay)
4 alarm inputs available for each instrument
1st out function, i.e. recognition of the first alarm triggered in the field
selection of the desired input type for each alarm (NO or NC)
option: standard RS485 ModBus RTU serial output