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Alarm annunciator SIGAL3L4824


3 leds (color to be defined) 48 x 48, 24 Vac /dc annunciator

The annunciator or alarm signals are used to indicate the position of circuit breakers or to indicate the presence of voltage on an electrical output.

The Zelec SIGAL 24 Vac/dc is a compact device for giving the status of electrical equipment. Its compact design is particularly well-suited to all electrical cabinets on the market.

Customised branding
Thanks to our pre-designed file in the product format, it’s easy to assign a marking to each alarm. No need for individual label holders!

Ideal for withdrawable cabinet
Thanks to its compact size, the 3 leds SIGAL can be easily integrated into a withdrawable cabinet to give a clear indication of the position of the circuit-breaker.

Time-saving assembly
This product incorporates 3 leds in a square box, so the time required for assembly and wiring is much shorter than installing 3 separate Ø 22.5 mm leds with 3 label holders with the cabling time.