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Alarm sounder without beacon B/SE 24


without beacon
Protection level
Sound level

Min.: 80 dB

Max.: 116 dB


Additionally to a smoke vent release, the alarm devices B/SE 24, FG 42 and BL 41 serve in connection with 24V D+H smoke vent control panels of type RZN as visual and acoustical alarm tools.
B/SE 24
acoustical alarm transmitter with 26 selectable tones
power supply: 10-28V / 0.03A
loudness: 80-116dB, adjustable, dimensions: ø 92mm, height 75mm
protective system: IP 54, colour red, VdS approval number: G296013
connection possibility for triggering of a second tone
additional module AM 41 or AM 41-Z required in conjunction with RZN 4100 and RZN 4300
possibility of remote cutoff in conjunction with general display panel SF 43-AZ