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Flash warning light DM4


flash, permanent
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for vehicles


The mini LED visor light DM4 comes with a universal LED Hide Away Window Pod and a hideaway light HM4 or H8. The mounting angle can be adjusted, from 30 degree to 90 Degrees / Vertical Window. The visor light can be internally mounted to window screens of any angle. They are particularly useful for discreet, covert and undercover lighting solutions.

The mini LED visor light have little or no flash back inside the vehicle when mounted with double sided adhesive tape, this is what makes the pods extremely convenient when mounting lights to the outside of the vehicle is not an option.The visor light comes with high brightness LED, with 16flash patterns can easily mount by adhesive tape. Easily used by cigarette plug with 2 buttons which included on/off and model for changing flash patterns conveniently.

■ Product Feature And Application:
1. 4pcsX3W or 8pcs x 3W high power LED
2. Available with single color and dual color.
3. 16kinds flash patterns, easily changing the flash patterns with cigarette plug.
4. With memory recall function, memories your flash pattern which you used last time.
5. DC10-30VDC, with adjustable hideaway light