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Hazardous area alarm annunciator SmartAlarm


for hazardous areas
Options and accessories
wall-mounted, rack-mount


The new SmartAlarm Annunciator brings together many years of experience in Alarm Annunciator design, combined with new technology to offer you a compact, but advanced alarm monitoring system. The SmartAlarm comes in three package sizes that offer’s one of the industry’s lowest operating power profiles for a similar device. Using the latest in componentry our unique design offers flexibility in parameter configuration and low cost of ownership.

The main features of this unit include: –

Compact DIN Box design to provide alarm visualisation in almost any panel.
Five LED colours – Front accessible LED’s provide alarm discrimination by colour
Front Panel USB programming port allows access to change any parameter behind an IP54 rated plug.
Integral power supply, Universal supply for direct connection to either 18-58VDC or 85-265VAC (88-360VDC)
Comprehensive diagnostics, warning LEDs and common relays are used to provide indication of any problems with the alarm system
Flexible relays, Four output relays can be used and configured as group relays, audible relays or diagnostic relays
Each system is supplied with 4 Mappable pushbuttons and Internal Audible to cover almost all alarm applications