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LED signal tower light OLE3-301-BN-RYG


Number of colors
Other characteristics
waterproof, IP67


Otennlux 50mm 24V Ip67 3colors 3 layers waterproof led stack light for outdoor.
Otennlux LED IP67 waterproof led stack light , 3 colors red,green, yellow


*3 layers led stack light led lamps,3colors, red,yellow , green

*The diameter of the lamp body is 50mm;

*Efficient LED multi signal lamps meets the various needs with competitive price;

*IP67 waterproof led stack light.

*High quality plactic cover

There are 5 sizes you can choose. ① one layer-red color by default; ② two layers-red &; green by default (from top to bottom); ③ three layers-red &; yellow &; green by default (from top to bottom); ④ four layers-red &; yellow &; green &; blue by default (from top to bottom); ⑤ five layers-red &; yellow &; green &; blue &; white by default (from top to bottom). We support customization. If you need other color configurations, please let us know.