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LED stack light BR 50


LED, xenon
flashing, blinking
Number of colors


Ultra bright and super slim – Excellent perceptibility and slim design (ø 54 mm).
Signaling mode determinable by LED – Replaceable LEDs determine the signaling mode (continuous or blinking light). The standard modules are already equipped with continuous light LEDs.
Individual configuration – Up to 5 modules can be combined at any time. In addition to various LED light modules, Xenon flashing light modules, or an audible module can also be installed.
Flexible design options – Fully Coloured or Crystal Clear modules with coloured LEDs – the choice is yours. Assemble your individual signal tower according to your needs and design ideas.
Versatile mounting options – Can either be mounted by tubular stand with plinth, tube, mounting bracket or directly.
Universally applicable – Usable indoors and outdoors.
Function-monitored – Separate LED module for more safety in sensitive applications where a signal must be sent to an external safety system, operating station or control centre in the event of a malfunction.
Fieldbus connection – Easy integration into an AS-Interface bus system is possible with a separate module.
New equipment – ready-made M12 plug connection technology. For direct mounting or stand mounting with 100mm, 250mm or 400mm length plus matching stainless steel brackets.