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LED stack light LUXOR


steady, flashing
Number of colors
Other characteristics
modular, IP54


Large size 3 stage stacklight (green, amber, red) available in 2 diameters:LUXOR 4 (136 mm) e LUXOR 3 (90 mm).An integrated LED luminous source allows maximizing color emission frequencyguaranteeing an outstanding color output.Thanks to its larger size, LUXOR is particularly indicated for larger scaleautomated installation.Configured with a flat mounting base, can also be available with a lateralbase for side/wall installations.NOTELUXOR is also available with traditional incandescent filament bulbs(steady and flashing), with built-in rotating beacon, with Xenon discharge lamps,with a sounder module and in a range of voltages from 12 to 240V.Furthermore, LUXOR can be configured with a wide selection of accessoriesto facilitate all mounting scenarios.