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LED stack light ST56EL-ETN-BZ


Number of colors
3-color, 4-color
Other characteristics
with loudspeaker, Ethernet, IP23


LED tower lamp controlled by Ethernet communication system through internet or LAN.
EtherNet is a communication system which can send and receive data worldwide where internet or Lan is constructed
Possible to remote control and monitor equipments by using various application since it can be controlled by web browser or application program.
Any PC user can use this device easily because it supplies each setting tool for IP, subnet mask and gateway for each equipment.
Possible to select maximum 5 light signals and buzzer sound.
Standard Color Layout
1 Layer : R-Red
2 Layers : R-Red, G-Green
3 Layers : R-Red, A-Amber, G-Green
4 Layers : R-Red, A-Amber, G-Green, B-Blue
5 Layers : R-Red, A-Amber, G-Green, B-Blue, W-White
Material : Lens-AS, Body-ABS, Pole-Al
Volume(Buzzer) : Max. 90dB/m
Protection Class : IP23