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LED stack light WLS27 PRO series


steady, flashing, blinking
Number of colors
3-color, 4-color, 2-color, 5-color, 6-color
Other characteristics
PC-controllable, waterproof, IP66, IP67


The WLS27 Pro Series LED Strip Light can be used in numerous applications across many industries with its quality white light; sealed, chemical resistant housing; and a wide variety of colors and animation possibilities.

• Programmable models with RGBW LEDs for use in indication, illumination and inspection applications
• Banner’s Pro Editor software allows users to program device status, colors and animations for control via three discrete outputs
• IO-Link helps reduce costs, increase process efficiency, and impoves machine availability
• Offers ilumination and multiple indication capabilities in a single device with EZ-STATUS
• Use its bright light for illumination or colors for broad status information
• Bright white light for efficiency, quality and safety during normal operation
• Heavy diffuse window for smooth glow and close-range indication
• Factory traffic status indication at intersections
• High visibility indication for machine status and more