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Multifunction warning light MS 627


flash, steady, blinking, multifunction
Other characteristics
polycarbonate, solar powered, IP66


MS 627 Solar Powered Warning Light


• Ultra bright LEDs guarantee long life of reliable light source
• Built-in solar panel activates in air darkness
• Not affected by brief light changes
• Optimized optical lens design provides excellent optical distribution
• Polycarbonate lens, UV resistant
• Full control on photosensor
• Optional bird-spike for colors red and white

Voltage Range: 3.0-4.2VDC (3.6 standard)
Capacity: 2200 mAh
Color Options: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White
Power: 3.2W
Light Source: LED
Working Mode: steady, blinking, flasher and Different count flash per minutes.
Life Duration: 50.000 Hours+
Lens Material: PC
Body Material: ABS
Protection Rate: IP66
Mounting: Base/Surface Mount
Lens Diameter: 110mm
Dimensions: 155x155x140mm