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Rack-mount alarm annunciator COMPALARM A


Options and accessories


The system is composed by:

Alarm card
Power supply and flashing card
Relay card
Timing card
Card holder unit
Power transformers and Dc/Dc converters
Signalling cells, SQ type (with LED on request)

Its available in 2 different executions:

The first one being supplied with its various components unassembled, but fitted with their corresponding wiring terminals.
The second is being supplied as a prewired solution in a flush mounting rack. The first solution is the most versatile either for assembling or displaying. As far as its operation is concerned, the alarm unit (optical and acoustic signalling) is excited, when its input contact changes its status (i.e. When it changesfrom open or normal condition to close or alarm condition). The alarm action behaviour follows the detailed patterns given in the ISA selection table, at the page 5, according with the selected sequence. The system is also fitted with terminals for wiring external push-buttons for: Sequence test, Acknowledge, Reset