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Rupture disc alarm annunciator IRP


Options and accessories
for rupture disc


Donadon IRP rupture indicators are simple and efficient instruments for detecting the bursting of an explosion venting panel.

The detector is installed during manufacturing of the panel and has a 2 metre cable.

The alarm indicator cable must be connected to the plant safety system with an intrinsically safe barrier that conforms to the electrical characteristics of the sensor (max tension 24V DC and max intensity 50 mA) and the hazardous area classification.

When the panel bursts, the IRP indicator electrical circuit is interrupted, allowing the connected equipment to signal that the safety device has opened.

The IRP indicator is classified as “basic electrical material” and is certified according to European Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX). Zone installation depends on barrier type:

Ex ia barrier –> zone 0; 20; 1; 21; 2; 22
Ex ib barrier –> zone 1; 21; 2; 22

Installation must be according to standard EN 60079-14.