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Sounder without beacon FUSG50110


without beacon
Sound level

80 dB


• High-volume sounder (> 80 dB) for indoor areas
• Acoustic support for alarm panels and wireless outdoor sounders
• Easy integration of up to 4 indoor sounders into the Secvest alarm panel
• Compatible equipment: FUAA50xxx S/W >= v3.01.11, FUMO50010 wireless repeater
• Inconspicuous, compact product design
• Flexible installation and retrofitting with minimal work
• Optional external power supply for operation without batteries (6–15 V DC)
• Jamming detection
• Monitors the input voltage
• Repeatable for bridging larger transmission paths

The Secvest Wireless Indoor Sounder is an optional Secvest accessory. As a purely acoustic sounder, it supports the wireless outdoor sounder and Secvest alarm panel with a signal tone of over 80 dB sound pressure in the event of an alarm. The indoor sounder can be connected quickly and easily and integrated into the Secvest system.

The inconspicuous housing design also means the user has a great deal of flexibility when positioning the device within the room. At the same time, it is exceptionally well suited for use in environments with high aesthetic standards or listed buildings, as well as for retrofitting existing systems where a wired solution is neither possible nor desirable.

The sounder and alarm panel communicate at 868.6625 MHz, a radio frequency exclusively reserved for the security industry. The wireless indoor sounder can be powered by battery or a power supply unit. If batteries are used, the sounder has a lifespan of approx. two years. The indoor sounder monitors the supply voltage and battery voltage under load conditions and reports all faults to the alarm panel.