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Sounder without beacon MS 200


without beacon
Protection level
Other characteristics
electronic, multi-tone
Sound level

Max.: 110 dB

Min.: 105 dB

110 dB


Multi-Tone Electronic Sounder MS 200


• Rectangular shape helps diffuse sound to
generate clear and distinctive sound signals
• For industrial and general applications
• 43 tone selectable via DIP switch.
• High Volume Electronic Siren
• Volume control via potentiometer
• To change tone unscrew the bottom part and
• Make changes on red dipswitch
• For lowering the volume unscrew the bottom part
and use potentiometer

Voltage Options:
110-220VAC – 40-20mA
12-24VAC/DC – 13-30mA

Tone: 43 Different tone
Volume: 110dB(at 1m)
Power: 0.72-1W
Materials: ABS
Protection Rate: IP54
Mounting: Wall/Surface Mount
Dimensions: 140*80*80mm
Certificates: CE