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Sounder without beacon P40 A


without beacon
Protection level
Sound level

Max.: 85 dB

Min.: 0 dB


Piezoelectrical sounder engineered for panel mounting.Developed with a multichannel technology, the device allows two different levelsof alarm (pre-alarm, alarm) controllable via independent electric contacts.KEY CHARACTERISTICSNUMBER OF TONESP40 A: 2 (Intermittent sound – Continuous sound)P40 A JUNIOR: 1 (Continuous sound)VOLTAGESP40 A: 12/24V ACDC, 48/240V AC +/-10%P40 A JUNIOR: 12/24V ACDC, 90/240V AC +/-10%PROTECTION GRADEIP65OPERATING TEMPERATURE-30/+50 °CMECHANICAL FEATURESSelf-extinguishing PC body totally protected against vibrations, dust and atmosphericelements. Weather protection guaranteed by EPDM o-ring on dome and polyuretanicgasket on base. Can be panel mounted through a 30mm hole and secured with thelocking ring provided