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Steady beacon CSA5


steady, strobe
Voltage level
24 Vdc
Other characteristics
rugged, weather-resistant, recessed, multi-color, vandal-proof, multi-status, multi-sequence, IP69K



The LED signal display from CAPTRON can be backlit with various, bespoke texts or symbols in different LED colours. The CSA5 is designed for gluing to single and double-glazed glass.

There is no need to make a hole in the glass for installation and the button can easily be clipped into the fastening flange. We can also provide corner and angle mountings for the flexible positioning of the CSA5 on the glass. We manufacture the housing in glass fibre-reinforced polycarbonate.

The front is impact-resistant and can be cleaned using a pressure washer (classes of protection IK 08 and IP 68K). They require no maintenance and suffer no wear, making them ideal for permanent everyday use and for withstanding even the most adverse environmental conditions such as heat and cold as well as industrial influences such as dirt, dust and chemicals.

LED technology means a service life of up to 100,000 hours can be achieved which corresponds to 11 years of continuous operation.

Important properties

•Display bespoke texts
•Extremely long service life 20′ … 100,000 hours
Energy-efficient, maintenance-free, wear-free
•100% waterproof and oil-resistant / vandalism-proof
Degree of protection IP 69K, impact and scratch-resistant IK08
With blind text and pictogram
•Installation Glued installation behind glass
Pane or glass or acrylic glass panel