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Steady beacon SD-B220B-FB


steady, rotating, flash
Voltage level
Other characteristics
polycarbonate, surface mounted, wireless, IP54


SIREX model buzzer and light warning lamps have flasher, rotating and steady light functions with long-lasting led technology. It is designed to be selected as low volume 90 dB, high volume 95 dB and silent and can be changed over the product. Polycarbonate raw material is used in our lens units and it is produced in red, orange, green, blue transparent colors with 72mm lens diameter and 70mm height. We declare that our Sırex model products comply with the safety requirements of the Low voltage directive 2006/95 / EC, the Electromagnetic compatibility directive, Directive 2004/108 / EC and that the protection class is IP54.

SİREX SD SERIES – BLUE 220V SURFACE MOUNTING BLACK flashing, rotating, continuous light functions in audible and illuminated warning lamps have long disabled led technology. . Our lens units are made of polycarbonate raw material. All our products are domestic production and produced by us. 63.34% of all products consist of domestic production, domestic capital and domestic materials. Elfatek Electronics is a leading R & D organizations operating in Turkey and is a leader in the control sector. Starting with the production of crane control, wireless crane controls, crane scale, crane overload systems, siren lights are also operating in sectors such as. Elfatek Electronics We export our products to more than 10 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, America continents. Our products are patented to protect our growing quality and our products are registered trademarks, our products have ISO certificates and are presented with warranty certificate. We have 2 years warranty on most of our products.