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Steady beacon SIR-E LED S allCOLOR


steady, strobe
Other characteristics
with audio signal, powerful


Colored lens with colored light source.Multifunctional LED beacon sounder developed with a multichannel technology thatallows three separate levels of alarm (alert, pre-alarm, alarm) controllable viaindependent electric contacts.SIR-E LED S benefits from two light effects (steady, flashing) and 64 different tones(selectable via dip-switch).TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSMULTIFUNCTION3 levels of alarm (alert, pre-alarm, alarm) controllablevia independent electric contactsHIGH OPTICAL AND ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCECHANNEL 1 | ALERTA powerful triple-flash strobe effect that guarantees catching attention and warningoperators of a potential danger or change of operating circumstancesCHANNEL 2 | PRE-ALARMA powerful triple-flash strobe effect combined with an up to 105 dB electronic tone,ideal for alerting staff of a danger or a serious change of operating circumstances(tone selectable via dip switch “A” out of 32 tones)CHANNEL 3 | ALARMA powerful steady light combined with an up to 105dB electronic tone, ideal foralerting staff of a permanent change of operating circumstances (tone selectablevia dip switch “B” out of 32 tones)ADJUSTABLE VOLUMEMin. 65 dBMULTITONE64 tones available, including fire alarm, industrial and civil tonesVOLTAGESAccording to the installed basePROTECTION GRADEIP65, UL TYPE 3R, suitable for outdoor applications