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Strobe beacon TWR TALL


strobe, blinking, RGB
Voltage level
24 Vdc, 48VDC, 24VAC, 48VAC


LED Cluster Light
The presence of 8 LEDs inside each module spreads an intense and bright colored light evenly diffused.

Built-in Rectifier Bridge
Thanks to the built-in rectifier bridge, the device can be powered with both AC or DC power supply without any error.

Backfeed Protection
A built-in protection diode absorbs any incidental excess current to avoid reverse feeding, minimizing the risk of LEDs unexpected lighting and hazards to the electrical grid equipment.

Limited protection against dust ingress. Protected against splash water from any direction.

6 layers PCB
The state of the art of our technological research allows us to insert into this device an SMD equipped with a 6 layers PCB.