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Video recorder DV455


video surveillance, for vehicles
Number of channels
4-channel, 6-channel
Other characteristics
DVR, WiFi, GPS tracking, real time reporting


Intelligent 4CH HD MDVR All-in-one Device adopts H.264/H.265 compression technology and supports real-time remote monitoring, which makes fleet management more efficient. Thanks to its multi-core processor and neural networks inference engine, the intelligent MDVR is able to integrate ADAS, DMS, and BSD algorithm in one device and provide various systems featured with different driving assistance functions. It can be combined with ADAS and DMS function, blind spot monitoring function, or 360 degree around view function, which allows the driver to have a safer driving without spending extra time and money for separate installation.Click to view more Intelligent HD MDVR.

– Integrated with DMS and ADAS algorithm, the intelligent MDVR has recognition, warning, recording and remote reporting functions to improve driving safety in fleet management.
– Integrated with BSD algorithm, the intelligent MDVR can detect pedestrians at the front, side and rear of the vehicle in real time, avoiding accidents caused by blind spots.
– GPS tracking adopts adaptive sparse algorithm and supports offline upload.
– Multiple trigger recording modes with 15 seconds pre-recording function: motion trigger, G-sensor trigger, over-speeding trigger, 6-channel customized alarm input trigger, panic button trigger recording, and DMS/ADAS/BSD warning trigger.
– Support3G/4G/ WIFI/ GPS tracking; can achieve real-time remote monitoring on iOS, Android and Windows client
– With WiFi station and AP mode; AP mode can support that mobile directly connects to device for easy preview and configuration on mobile through WebUI.