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Video recorder DVR-BD-301W


Measured physical value
vision processing, motion
video surveillance, industrial
Other characteristics


The DVR-BD-301 W-WIFI is a WLAN enabled digital recorder for mobile application. Up to 2 heavy-duty cameras can be connected. The recording is started by simply pressing a button, it can be event- and time-controlled or controlled by movements in the AVI format. Live view and still images are possible in parallel and image quality and frame rate can also be set. GPS data can be displayed in the image. Housing with a locking mechanism.

• Embedded operating system for greater reliability and system integrity
• Recording of up to 2 full-motion videos including audio tracks
• H.264 High profile video compression
• Total recording capacity of up to 100/120 D1 framesper second
• Lockable safety housing
• Active power-on detection in recording mode when system bus is started
• Switch-off delay according to individually adjustable delay times