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Video recorder SCOPE G4


Measured physical value
vision processing
Other characteristics
high-speed, with integrated data logger, real time reporting, wireless, with screen


PROMON SCOPE G4– increases productivity and reduces downtime on production and assembly lines.

A frame rate of up to 3500 frames per second is more than 100 times faster than standard video and allows you to monitor any process in detail. PROMON SCOPE G4 is the tool for detecting trends and catching those sporadic and intermittently occurring incidents. Fine details for precise motion analysis are made visible by high image resolution. The easy-to-use control panel contains a touch sensitive display for setting up of the camera and immediate playback of sequences. Last but not least, PROMON SCOPE G4 runs on internal battery power for up to 3.5 hours. By adding a second camera, two cameras look at the same spot and catch an event form two different angles.

The “oscilloscope of the mechanical engineer” assists in daily routine tasks such as trouble shooting, preventive maintenance and fine tuning of production processes.

Key features
• Supports two camera heads
• Ideal for temporary industrial troubleshooting, setup and fine tuning applications
• Compact, light and robust, ready to use high speed image streaming system
• Brilliant sunlight readable display, touchscreen operation, similar to a Tablet PC
• Twin Version, mix and match camera type
• Ready for food or beverage applications due to special display protection film
• Easy cleanable with disinfectant liquid
• MotionDetction for triggering or event marking