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Video recorder TX classe


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24/7 continuous operation · Fanless · Maintenance-free · EN50155 TX class Embedded solutions without compromise

The network video recorder Railway Recorder Compact 8 complies with railway applications standard EN50155 and can record video streaming in the popular standard h.264. This makes the device more particularly suitable for IP video monitoring of trains.

The Syslogic network video recorders are fitted with 2.5 inch SSD (solid state drive) storage or with hard disks. For applications relevant to security, the two memories can be redundantly switched so that, if one memory fails, a backup copy of the recorded data is available. To protect the memory from unauthorized access, they are secured with special bolts.

The core of network video recorder Railway Recorder Compact 8 is Syslogics own CPU board which has already been tested in other embedded computers by the manufacturer. The CPU boards high performance with low energy consumption is impressive. The Intel Atom E3845 processor is what makes this possible. Its 1.91GHz frequency offers sufficient power to process video streams. At the same time, the processors draw a low amount of power, which allows a fanless design. This makes the maintenance-free CPU boards very robust and long-lasting.

Technical data :
Low power, high performance Intel Atom E3800 processor (Intel Atom E3845, Intel Atom E3827, Intel Atom E3826, Intel Atom E3825)
Quad core
Clock up to 1.91 GHz
Up to 8 GB DRAM on board soldered
2.5″ Disk Slot
2 x Ethernet 10/100/1000 MBit
2 x USB 2.0
Socket for CFast Flash
2x RS232
RS422/RS485 (optional)
PC/104 Slot
Mini PCIe slot